How do i find 'me' time

I felt stressed, angry and frustrated by 7pm

As a woman, mum, wife, business woman and daughter, adapting yourself to meet these various roles can leave you feeling tired, stressed and exhausted!

As a passionate and energetic business mum I truly believed I was superwoman who really didn’t need a break – I would just go from a work meeting, to do the school run then straight on to an extra curricular activity and then wonder why I felt stressed, angry and frustrated by 7 pm!

My wakeup call came in the form of my cousin dying aged 49. It made me re-evaluate my life and so as part of this journey I started creating ‘me time’.

The results have been amazing. My stress levels have significantly reduced, my confidence has grown, I communicate more effectively and feel a deep sense of happiness and well being. In terms of my business I am much more focused, productive, work shorter hours and have attracted new business.

Tear Free First Day Reception

Starting school is a milestone for both you and your child. It is a big change where you will have to start a routine, go to school every day, get used to a new and larger environment and wear uniform. While it is an exciting time, 5 years ago on my daughter’s first day in Reception she started playing and I burst into tears! So here are my top tips on how to prepare both mentally and physically for your child’s first day which I will be following this September when my son starts Reception.

3 Reasons to create a Summer Memory Box

I often find mums are so busy they can’t remember what they did one day to the next let alone last summer. This is where a memory box works really well.  Memories are really important to us and especially our children as they affect their personalities, future, help discover passions and even careers! With our busy pace of life it is really important for us to help our children remember and cherish positive, happy and loving memories, not just of key events like holidays abroad but everyday humble activities like going for a bike ride.

So here are my top tips that I will be using to create our memory box for Summer 2014!

Successful Cookbook Supporting Victims of Domestic Abuse

Successful Cookbook Supporting Victims of Domestic AbuseOver the last seven years I have worked with hundreds of mums who have been through domestic abuse and despite all the misery they have been through I have discovered they all share a love of food.  By this I mean, having the freedom to choose what to cook, cooking food which reminds them of their childhood, food their children enjoy eating and most of all the pleasure of sharing and eating together.  In addition, I have often found mums lacking knowledge around healthy eating and struggling to find easy and fun activities to do with their children on a small budget. 

So in November 2012 I decided to write a children’s cookery book with each recipe shared by a woman who had been affected by domestic abuseand proceeds going to Women’s Aid.  This was as a celebration of their freedom and a way of mum and child building a bond together through cooking.