Clients find the divorce process to be an emotional roller coaster full of stress, anger and frustration.  As a Solicitor you may find yourself spending an increasing amount of your time listening to your client’s emotional needs which are often fuelled by a well meaning family member.

As a coach I really help a client define what they want to get out of a divorce, what are their negotiables and non-negotiables.

I provide an In-House Coaching service by providing one off seminars or a range of seminars to support your clients who are going through divorce on areas such as how to mindfully communicate with your ex-partner, how to support your child through divorce and ways to manage your stress when going through divorce.  

These workshops will help if you are:

  • Looking to stand out from completion
  • Exploring new ways to gain more referrals from you existing and past client base
  • Thinking about new ways to add value added service to your clients

What your clients will learn:

  • Strategies to manage their stress
  • How to manage their relationship with their ex 
  • Simple and easy ways to support their children

You can find out more by booking our 1-1 with me at a time that is right for you or completing the contact page.